REESON officially started in 2005, as a skateboarding company, in a beautiful place called Sardinia Island in the Middle of Mediterranean Sea.
This alone geografic position gives to REESON a strong and commited nature.
Back in the 90's has its roots in pure skateboarding, art and underground rock music.
Thre first product made by Reeson was a Board.
Reeson now represent a fresh active, skateboarding, life style and positive lively brand.                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The REESON "FLAG SQUAD"
Blending the concepts of skateboarding, art, music, action sports culture and lifestyle,
FLAG SQUAD supports talented athletes, artists, musicians and positive people who believe in what they do and are highly passionate about it, and while they're at it wave the REESON Flag because they're stimulated by REESON.
FLAG SQUAD are REESON ambassadors, with this crew they can do everything in the name of REESON and passion!
They're inspired by REESON, we're inspired by them!

REESON Electric Division the Rock Division of REESON. It's proud of having worked with international rock bands such as:
ZU, Brant Byork, Joe Lally, The Lovely Savalas, Rose Camp, Colorhaze, On Trial, Seven That Speels, King Howl, Astral Farm, Rotten Apple, Black Lips, Been Obscene, Black Rainbows, Strength Approach, Fugitive, Monkey 3, Dean Allen Foyd, Hills, Stone Bride, Electric Moon and many other bands working as co-producer, live shows booking, collaborations and sponsorships.

King Howl Quartet "King Howl Quartet" - CD 

King Howl Quartet" is an album with 11 tracks, where King Howl show an original songwriting combining the best blues tradition to very different rhythms and progressions, defined by a heavy moving sound always looking at a stoner rock feeling. A journey between 8 new unpublished tracks and 3 old blues songs completely revisited, one of them (Hard Time Killing Floor), with Francesco Piu on guitars. From crossover grooves (Mornin’), to psycho boogie (Wolfman’s calling) through stoner (My Lord) and smokey atmospheres (Nocturne), an album that smells like a live, You must play it Louder.


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonusville by William Cuccu

Artwork and photo by Elena Cabitza

King Howl "Truck Stop" EP

King Howl are proud to present the new E.P TRUCK STOP EP, where stands out the original style and attitude grown during the past four years. Four suffered, bloody, vibrant, blues tracks; four street stories full of a common theme: the journey. 

As the usual King Howl’s work, they start from the blues to explore brand new territories, making of their own the 70s’ rock’n’roll lesson, as the one of the Stoner Rock. From the dynamic movements of the opening track Time to say Goodbye, to the blues-rock storytelling of Eveline McCrow, going through the acoustic Old Friend Blues, it ends at the hypnotic Kerouac boogie, which closes the E.P with that electric energy emblem of the band.

The album, mixed and finalized by Gabriele Boi (The Rippers, Mojomatics) at the Sleepwalker Studio in Guspini (CA) will be released, as the first “King Howl Quartet”, with the joint work of Talk About Records and Reeson Electric Division, musical division of the streetwear brand Reeson.

Truck Stop Ep will be released digitally on June 5th 2014, available in all Digital Stores (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer & more). The physical Edition will be released on July 24th 2014, in a special edition CD. A tour will match the release, to bring the album around Italy and Europe on summer and fall 2014.


Exclusive streaming & download of the Track at:

Recorded, mixed and finalized by Gabriele Boi at Sleepwalker Studio, Guspini (CA) 


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