There is a Reason Why, since 2005, this website is called 

Reeson started as well as a project ! and you know, when there's determination, commitment, passion, hours of study...creativity drives to responsiveness. Skills are arms to play, it's so funny and means satisfactions...project calls project and we let it drives us.

Yes we've got a FLAGSHIP STORE and it's Called South Central, with it's own personality.

South Central, with over 15 years of experience in the business, promotes its exclusive professional and committed approach straight from the heart of the early 90's style . Our skateboarding, punk rock and independent music scenes grew up with us over the time and passing through the whole streetwear and fashion evolution. After all those years in the business we opened a rocking physical Concept Store in town, the same people that are running the Reeson brand since 2005, make South Central available as a digital online shop too. What we like to communicate here is the "Future Of New Trends" by offering to our customers a selection of the brands we like, made by the people we love to work with. 

South Central opens its doors in the 2009 in a beautiful place called Palau, in the 2012 moved to Sassari, our actual headquarter. Our Store offers Contemporary Streetwear and Skateboarding, it's a place for socialization, a place for art exibitions, it's a platforms for ideas and projects...a place to live!

Reeson is part of this.

Visit us at:
SOUTH CENTRAL          //          Future Of New Trends           //            Via  Carlo Alberto 5/a     // 07100  Sassari // Italy    


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